Swift Developer

As a swift developer, not iOS Applications, but I develop a bunch of applications including MacOS, Backend. I am very into Protocol Oriented Programming genuinely.

Snapnote - Edison

Edison GifEdison MapEdison Calendar

Insanely Quick, easy, simple Memo app, my favorite product. I do memo a lot.
You can manage your memos by tags(category), map(by location), date(by calendar). ICloud supported

  • UIKit, WidgetKit, ShareKit, Vison, SwiftUI, CloudKit, MapKit,
  • Combine
  • Detect Text (Machine Learning to OCR)
  • Very light app compared to other recent applications
  • Gondol: Braille, Morse, Code

    Morse, Braille, ascii, binary, hes code converter app

  • UIKit
  • Combine
  • Timer Calendar: records timer

    Timer App which records day by day, you can count time and monitor easily like study or work.

  • UIKit, Storyboard
  • Combine, CoreEngine
  • Simple game collection

    Collection of games such as Tetris, Minsweeper. Sudoku, gomoku and others are in progress.

  • UIKit, SwiftUI
  • Pill Reminder - Piller

    Pill reminder itself. I am doing vitamin C megadose theraphy so I needed it.

  • UIKit, SwiftUI
  • 한글 시계

    Clock written by korean with widget

  • SwiftUI Only
  • Patent Monster

    Simple Patent searching & storing app with korean and us.

  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • Firebase Firestore
  • 김해에

    Introduce my hometown, Gimhae, Korea

  • SwiftUI, UIKit
  • Combine
  • Firebase Firestore