Yong Jun Lee



On-Device Machine Learning Engineer


  • Mechanical Engineering, Korea University (2016.03 ~ 2021.03)
  • 고려대학교 기계공학과
  • Work Experience


    2023.10 ~ continue

    Software Engineer


    2020.09 ~ 2023.07

    Software Engineer

  • Developed Mealligram one Million User Service
  • Built every side of client, Machine Learning
  • CoreML, Swift - iOS
  • Kotlin, Compose - Android
  • Typescript, Nextjs - Web
  • JeongYookGak

    2021.02 ~ 2022.04

    IoT & Embedded Engineer

  • Invented an IoT electric scale and back-office applications
  • Renewed the scale measuring weight of products by designing hardware and developing software utilized in a digitalized manufacturing system
  • Developed fully digitalized smart factory system with ESP32, raspberrypi and etc.
  • Implemented declarative architecture to improve code readability which led to a decrease in redundant code by 18% and contributed in 3 open-source communities
  • Proposed a formulated rule for contributing and reviewing codes within the iOS team under a unidirectional flow of work to avoid conflicts in resources, program assets and communication
  • MakerSpace at Korea University

    2018.08 ~ 2020.05,

    General Engineer

    Organized and supervised facility and trained managers

  • Coached 30+ managers to utilize machines and operated the organization and mentored 100+ students on 3D printing and laser cutting craftsmanship
  • Researched on control technology system and developed prototype models, published 3 patents on wearable and controlling devices